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Cartegraph AMS, a web-based asset management software that's designed to help you become more effective, more efficient, and more productive as you serve your citizens.

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Easy to add assets

Know what infrastructure assets you have, where each one is located, and what condition they're in.

Work orders in seconds

Streamline your daily work. Assign, schedule, and complete tasks from anywhere.

Know your cost

Keep an eye on your budget. Track asset maintenance and labor expenses in real-time.

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Shred the paperwork and build efficiencies

Spend less time filling out paperwork and more time doing the work that matters. With Cartegraph AMS, required info is logged naturally as you flow through your day—adding notes, taking photos, and logging costs on the go. Real-time data entry delivers real-life time savings.

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Cartegraph AMS is the only cloud-based asset management software designed specifically for communities like yours. Become more effective, more efficient, and more productive in a matter of weeks with Cartegraph AMS.

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For more than 20 years, Cartegraph has empowered cities across the country to protect their $1 billion investments in public infrastructure by helping them manage assets efficiently, deploy resources effectively, and spend money smarter.