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For decades, cities just like you have been managing their assets with complex spreadsheets, stacks of paper, folded maps, and relying heavily on the intrinsic knowledge of veteran employees—but it simply isn’t working anymore. Every day, the public sector faces tight budgets, deferred maintenance funding, pressures to cut public spending, aging infrastructure, increased regulations, and a retiring workforce—yet you’re still expected to maintain the same level of performance.

Cartegraph’s Asset Management System helps you to know what assets you have, the condition they’re in, and how much they’re costing you, opening the gates to:

Improved efficiency and effectivenessIncreased organizational productivityBetter risk identification and mitigationData-driven decision making and defendable investment requestsCost savings and transparent fiscal responsibilityEnhanced customer satisfaction and service deliveryImproved regulatory complianceStreamlined internal communication Long-term system integrity and sustainability Faster responses to emergencies and increased safety

So, after reading all that—isn’t it time for your small city to start benefitting from Cartegraph AMS?

Cartegraph AMS comes loaded with two of Esri’s basemaps—Streets and Imagery—for enhanced analysis and decision making. Does your organization have an Esri Identity? Then you can enjoy extended mapping capabilities with ArcGIS Online Maps or ArcGIS Server published maps available right in the system.

Cartegraph AMS is available for iPhone and Android smartphone devices. Since the system is web-based, you can also access your system—and benefit from added capabilities—when you sign into Cartegraph AMS through your web browser.

We don’t believe in hidden fees. Depending on how many users you’re looking for, Cartegraph AMS costs $59-$99 per user, per month. To get your team up and running and set up for continued success, we require your organization to select one of two support packages. That one-time purchase ranges from $900-$1,800 based on the level of coaching you would like. It really is that simple.

The Cartegraph customer success team is here to make sure you get the most out of your AMS investment. That means you’ll have a dedicated coach who will identify and execute the most effective setup strategy according to your unique needs. In addition, you’ll launch with assets loaded, tasks assigned, and resources ready to use—and review your process and asset usage with your coach after launch.

To start you off on a solid foundation and ensure your system success, we require you to select one of two support packages: Kickstarter Lite or Kickstarter Premium. With some basic guidance, does your team take new technology and run with it? Then we recommend the Kickstart Lite package. On the other hand, if your team may need more in-depth guidance to get comfortable with new technology, then the Kickstarter Premium package is right up your alley. For more information, check out our pricing page.

Once our Cartegraph customer service team helps you launch with assets loaded, tasks assigned, and resources ready to use, the Cartegraph AMS system is intuitively designed to help you hit the ground running. If you need a help along the way—don’t worry! You’ll have unlimited access to a variety of Cartegraph AMS self-service guides, help topics, webinars, and training videos on Cartegraph Campus. Not to mention access to 1,000+ other free training videos, industry articles, customer stories, and white papers, with fresh content being added every week.


Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: We know that communities like you hire more people in different seasons, so we decided to make it easy to add or remove users at any time. There is no pro-rated pricing, it is $99 per month per person. If group training is needed for those individuals at a later time, we would encourage you to sign up for one of the Kickstarter plans to ensure the success of those new hires.

You certainly can, however there is a cost to importing data. If you are a former Cartegraph Navigator client, there is a flat fee of $5,000 flat fee to transfer your data over to Cartegraph AMS. If you are using other software packages and you want to bring over the data let us know.

With an Esri Identity, your data is synchronize in real time. For all other GIS systems, you would have to export your Cartegraph AMS data and import it back into that system.

Cartegraph AMS is perfect for small cities that are currently: using paper forms or spreadsheets to manage their assets; referencing basic or no digital GIS mapping; dealing with bad asset data; or trying to bounce back from a failed asset management system attempt. Once you’ve done some foundational asset management work and are looking to advance your operations and be more proactive—your organization may want to evolve to Cartegraph OMS.

Cartegraph OMS is more than traditional asset management, and supports a complete operational workflow around your assets, work, resources, and requests. Cartegraph OMS has advanced functionality, data, and insights that help you to answer advanced questions, leverage predictive analytics, and enable your team to become a high-performing organization. Want to learn more about Cartegraph OMS—we’ve got you covered.

Cartegraph AMS is web-based and hosted through our company—all you have to do is pull out your smartphone or sit down at a computer and log in. Cartegraph utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS)—the top data center infrastructure in the nation—to host your data on our Cartegraph Cloud, and we follow a meticulous set of protocols to protect your data while ensuring a fluid connection between your authorized users and Cartegraph AMS. In addition to monitoring, testing, and implementing the latest security patches, we have full and incremental backups for ultimate protection. Looking to get into the nitty-gritty? Check out more information on Cartegraph Cloud hosting.

Check out more information on Cartegraph Cloud hosting


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For more than 20 years, Cartegraph has empowered cities across the country to protect their $1 billion investments in public infrastructure by helping them manage assets efficiently, deploy resources effectively, and spend money smarter.


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