Shred the paperwork and build efficiencies

Spend less time filling out paperwork and more time doing the work that matters. With Cartegraph AMS, required info is logged naturally as you flow through your day—adding notes, taking photos, and logging costs on the go. Real-time data entry delivers real-life time savings.

Step 1: Review the monthly plans.

It’s time to trade in your spreadsheets for a mobile asset management system. Trust us, you’ll never look back.



per monthper user

This plan includes:

Support: Self-ServiceAsset Types: 1iOS, Android, Mac Desktop & Windows Desktop AppEsri Identity supported



per monthper user

This plan includes:

Support: Email & PhoneAsset Types: All (54 different assets to choose from)iOS, Android, Mac Desktop & Windows Desktop AppEsri Identity supported

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Step 2: Setup

$1,800 – One time setup fee

The Cartegraph customer success team is here to make sure you get the most out of your AMS investment. Our customer success specialists will guide you through setting up your account, show you how to add your first assets, help you get a few tasks into the system, and even make sure your resources are loaded properly. We want to do more than get you up and running: we want to ensure our system will help your community and drive results.

Full knowledge baseLive and recorded webinars and tutorial videosEmail support: Got a question? We’ve got answers.Browse FAQs, vote on upcoming features, and connect with other customers to help your business thrive.Unlimited access to training materials on Cartegraph Campus.Identify and execute the most effective setup strategy with a dedicated coach.Launch with assets loaded, tasks assigned, and resources ready to use.During your initial setup, we will review your progress and asset usage with your coach on a weekly basis for 2 hours.

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Step 3: Place order.

Fill out the form and we will start setting up your environment.

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What assets can you manage?

You name it, Cartegraph AMS can track it. Just let us know which of our 54 pre-defined asset types you need, and we’ll set up the rest.

BridgeBridgeLight FixtureLight FixtureMarkingPavementPavement AreaSignFacility LightingFire ProtectionFlood ProtectionFloodwallHVAC EquipmentLevee EmbankmentLight FixturePlumbing FixturePreemptionPump StationRoofing SystemSewer CleanoutSewer FacilitySewer Force MainSewer LateralSewer MainSewer PumpSign CabinetSignal ControllerSignal HeadSignal MonitorSignalized IntersectionStorm BasinStorm ChannelStorm CulvertStorm CulvertStorm FacilityStorm FacilityStorm InletStorm InletStorm ManholeStorm ManholeStorm OutletStorm OutletStorm PipeStorm PipeStormPumpStorm PumpTraffic CameraTraffic DetectorWater FacilityWater FacilityWater HydrantWater HydrantWater LateralWater LateralWater MainWater MainWater MeterWater MeterWater PumpWater PumpWater Storage TankWater Storage TankWater ValveWater ValveFlood Protection GeneratorsFlood Protection GeneratorsSupportTreeSewer CleanoutElectrical GeneratorFacility

Don’t see one of your assets listed above? No problem—we're here to help.

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Simplify your life with Cartegraph AMS.

Believe it or not, our system is even more impressive when you see it live. It’s time for your small city to take control of your assets, and become more effective, efficient, and productive. Your citizens will thank you.

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For more than 20 years, Cartegraph has empowered cities across the country to protect their $1 billion investments in public infrastructure by helping them manage assets efficiently, deploy resources effectively, and spend money smarter.


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