Here’s How AMS works

AMS organizes your work, assets and helps manage the resources so you can be more productive.

How it all Works.

Instead of having paperwork scattered all over the place — AMS brings everything your departments work system under one roof. Organized, centralized, and clear so everyone knows what to do, you know where things stand, and you can get what is needed without having to ask around all the time.

How it all gets done, the work.

Inside your Assets

Inside every city, there are task and assets that need to be managed. These task will be found under WORK, this area is where you can create a filter to view such things like: the task due this week, what projects did bob finish last month, where are the water pumps that were manufactured by phillips so we can assign an inspection to them. As WORK gets done, it is then connected to the ASSETS in the system thereby giving you insight to the real cost of those ASSETS.

Using the right Resources

How work gets done in the field

Mobile: See how to harness the power of Cartegraph AMS on your smart phone to get your work done.

Mobile: Who is going to work on that.

You name it, Cartegraph AMS can track it. Just let us know which of our 54 pre-defined asset types you need, and we’ll set up the rest.

Mobile: Where are my assets

Mobile: Looking at the asset detail

Mobile: What can you see on the phone

DOWNLOAD: Small City, Big Success: A Guide to Infrastructure Asset Management

Starting at $99 per month.

Select one asset type to track or select up to the 54 that we have available through Cartegraphs unique cloud based system. It’s time to trade in your spreadsheets for a mobile asset management system.

Whats included in that price? Support (email and phone), choose one or up to 54 asset types, desktop and mobile version per user and yes, Esri identity is supported.

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What assets can you manage?

You name it, Cartegraph AMS can track it. Just let us know which of our 54 pre-defined asset types you need, and we’ll set up the rest.

  • Bridge
  • Light Fixture
  • Marking
  • Pavement
  • Pavement Area
  • Signs
  • Sewer Force Main
  • Sewer Lateral
  • Signalized Intersection
  • Storm Basin
  • Storm Inlet
  • Water Main
  • Water Meter
  • Water Pump
  • Water Storage Tank
  • Water Valve
  • Electrical Generator
  • Facility Lighting
  • Fire Protection
  • Floodwall
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Levee Embankment
  • Flood Protection
  • Signal Controller
  • Signal Head
  • Signal Monitor
  • Storm Channel
  • Storm Manhole
  • Storm Pipe
  • Water Facility
  • Water Hydrant
  • Water Lateral
  • Sewer Cleanout
  • Trees
  • Facility
  • Plumbing Fixture
  • Preemption
  • Pump Station
  • Roofing System
  • Sewer Cleanout
  • Sewer Facility
  • Sewer Main
  • Sewer Pump
  • Sign Cabinet
  • Storm Culvert
  • Storm Facility
  • Storm Outlet
  • Storm Pump
  • Traffic Camera
  • Traffic Detector
  • Support
  • Flood Protection Generators
Don’t see one of your assets listed above? No problem—we’re here to help.