Here's how AMS works.

AMS organizes your work, provides insights to your assets and helps manage the resources so you can be more productive.

Experience life with Cartegraph AMS

After one day of using it, you’ll know more about your assets—including their condition and how much they cost.

  • 8:00 AM | Collect an asset

    Walk outside and snap a photo of the water hydrant on your street. The system quickly identifies it and adds it to your inventory.

  • 8:15 AM |Take care of your assets

    Looks like that hydrant need to be painted. You create a task on the spot and schedule it for later that afternoon.

  • 1:00 PM | Track your cost

    You paint the hydrant after lunch, and log your time and materials in the app. Cartegraph AMS calculates the cost of the work for you—no paperwork required.

  • 5:05 PM | Use it all day, every day

    On your way home, you see a downed sign. Pull over and create a repair task, including location details and a photo of the damage. Fix the sign and call it a day.

Inside your work and projects.

Instead of having paperwork scattered all over the place — AMS brings everything your departments work system under one roof. Organized, centralized, and clear so everyone knows what to do, you know where things stand, and you can get what is needed without having to ask around all the time.


Run your city with confidence and clarity

Enjoy extended capabilities when you sign into Cartegraph AMS via web browser. Click to see an overview of your asset inventory, condition, and costs. Rely on the data to prepare budget proposals, justify needs to council, and plan for the future.

Get answers in seconds with real-time data

Sign in to Cartegraph AMS on your desktop to see up-to-the-minute data and at-a-glance dashboards. Need to check how many stop signs you have? How many potholes you repaired last year? How much you spent on tree removal after that storm? Your answers are only a few clicks away.

Shred the paperwork and build efficiencies

Spend less time filling out paperwork and more time doing the work that matters. With Cartegraph AMS, required info is logged naturally as you flow through your day—adding notes, taking photos, and logging costs on the go. Real-time data entry delivers real-life time savings.


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For more than 20 years, Cartegraph has empowered cities across the country to protect their $1 billion investments in public infrastructure by helping them manage assets efficiently, deploy resources effectively, and spend money smarter.